Discover Taiji is a Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan online training course based on the Heaven Man Earth Taiji system as taught by Adam Mizner. Some of the things you will be learning:

  • System’s complete Jibengong – Foundational training methods
  • Standing Post (Zhang Zhuang) – inner door secret method for developing internal power
  • Song Shen Wu Fa, the 5 loosenings set devised by GM Huang Sheng Shyan, and other Song Gong
  • The 37 form created by GM Cheng Man-ch’ing and further refined by GM Huang Sheng Shyan
  • Qigong
  • Many partner drills for developing sharp push hands skills – "Smart Hands"
  • Developing the Jins/energies of Tai Chi Chuan – 8 Gates
  • Sword form

...and much more!

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